NEW Construction Update!

Hello future TEN10ers!

We visited the site on Monday and what we saw was awesome!  The cabinets are going into Building 2 and we were able to experience the actual size of the kitchen. The hardwoods are gorgeous and the windows let so much light in, even on a dreary, cold day.  Be sure to see the pictures below!

Here's an update:

Building 1: The furnaces are installed, the drywall is in, the walls are being textured this week, and then hardwoods will be installed.

Building 2: The cabinets are being installed and the tile will be done by the middle of next week.

Building 3: Drywall is in and walls will be textured next.

Building 4: The framing is almost done on the second floor.

Building 5: The mechanical is starting. 

Here are pictures from the site:

Building 4 in framing.

Building 4 in framing.

Cabinets in Building 2

Cabinets in Building 2

Hardwood floors and stairs

Hardwood floors and stairs

Construction Progress at Ten10 Brownstones in Golden Triangle

Denver Townhomes: Ten10 Brownstones

Here is an update from my walk through at Ten10 Brownstones in Golden Triangle yesterday.  Rest assured these homes are well worth the wait!

It was exciting to see all the progress and the design start to come together.  The ceiling heights definitely ignite the "Awe" factor soon as you walk in.  The staircases are gorgeous and make an instant statement.  The office is a great size and the large doors really bring in the light and sees to give it its own purpose.  The main living area looks fantastic with all the windows, openness of the layout, and original design.  I can't wait to see when the finishes are in the huge master suites, and the closets are huge.  Last but NOT least the roof decks are superb with amazing mountain and city views towering over the town.

Progress is as follows:

The tiles are starting  to go in the entry way in Building 2 and you can see they are beautiful through the parts that peak through the plastic and cardboard, even amongst the dust from construction.

In Building 1 electrical drywall and electrical is in and furnaces will be going in next week.

In Building 2 the stucco is being applied on the exterior as trim and tile is being installed on the interior.  Wood floors are also being installed in some of the units.

In Building 3 framing is being done and units 10 and 11 should be passed their framing inspections by the end of the week. 

In Building 4 foundations are being poured.

Building 5 is b


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Ten10 Brownstone in the Denver Post!

"With the tank near-empty on downtown's home inventory, trendy brownstones are set to arrive in Golden Triangle

By Mark Samuelson

POSTED:   12/08/2013 01:00:00 AM MST

Downtown Denver's Golden Triangle neighborhood south of the new Denver Art Museum is set for a game-changing arrival in 2014 - 17 trendy-looking brownstone townhomes, coming to W. 10th and Bannock Street, just over a half-mile from the 16th Street Mall Shuttle, and much closer to upscale dining and entertainment arriving nearby.

"The Golden Triangle IS downtown," says Deviree Vallejo with Kentwood City Properties, who along with Liz Richards will launch pre-sales on Ten10 Bannock this week. "We're going to be priced around $300 per foot; there's nowhere else in downtown where you'll get that."